What does cardoon mean?

cardoon meaning in General Dictionary

a sizable herbaceous plant Cynara Cardunculus associated with the artichoke found in cookery and also as a salad

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  • south European plant having spiny leaves and purple flowers developed for its edible leafstalks and origins
  • only components eaten are roots and particularly stalks (blanched and made use of as celery); pertaining to artichokes
  • a big herbaceous plant (Cynara Cardunculus) regarding the artichoke; -- utilized in cookery so that as a salad.

cardoon meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1610s, from French cardon, from Established

cardoon meaning in Cooking Dictionary

Cardoons will be the dense, fleshy stalks of a plant inside thistle family members nearly the same as artichokes. It seems like large, coarse, matte-gray celery. Preferred in Italy, France and South America. Cardoons is consumed natural or cooked and served like any vegetable.

Sentence Examples with the word cardoon

The cardoon and milk thistle, both European plants, cover tracts of country in South America with impenetrable thickets in which both man and beast may be hopelessly lost.

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