What does cardiograph mean?

cardiograph meaning in General Dictionary

a guitar which when positioned in contact with the upper body will register graphically the comparative length of time and strength of the hearts moves

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  • medical tool that records electric currents associated with contractions associated with the heart
  • a medical instrument that measures the technical force of cardiac contractions therefore the level of blood driving through heart during a specified duration by measuring the recoil associated with human anatomy as blood is pumped from ventricles
  • An instrument which, whenever put into experience of the upper body, will register graphically the relative extent and strength regarding the heart's motions.

cardiograph meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1867, from cardio- + -graph "some thing written." Although the work will not treat of present means of diagnosis--the thermometer, laryngoscope, cardiograph, etc.,--still its total in terms of it goes. [book analysis in "healthcare Investigator," May 1867, p.94]