What does cardboard mean?

cardboard meaning in General Dictionary

A stiff compact pasteboard of varied attributes to make cards etc often having a polished surface

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  • without material
  • a stiff moderately thick report
  • A stiff compact pasteboard of numerous characteristics, for making cards, etc., frequently having a polished area.

cardboard meaning in Law Dictionary

(of a character in a literary work) Lacking level and realism; artificial.

cardboard meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1848, from card (n.) + board (n.1). Figurative good sense is from 1893. A youthful word for the same material had been card paper (1777).

cardboard meaning in Business Dictionary

Preferred but non-standard term for any reasonably dense and rigid paperboard such as for instance boxboard and cartonboard.

Sentence Examples with the word cardboard

Deflections of the suspended needle are indicated by the movement of a narrow beam of light which the mirror reflects from a lamp and focusses upon a graduated cardboard scale placed at a distance of a few feet; the angular deflection of the beam of light is, of course, twice that of the needle.

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