What does carbuncle mean?

carbuncle meaning in Etymology Dictionary

early 13c., "fiery jewel," from Old North French carbuncle (Old French charbocle, charboncle) "carbuncle-stone," in addition "carbuncle, boil," from Latin carbunculus "red treasure," additionally "red, irritated spot," literally "a little coal," from carbo (genitive carbonis) "coal" (identify carbon). Initially of rubies, garnets, alongside red jewels; in English the phrase was applied to tumors from late 14c.

carbuncle meaning in General Dictionary

disease bigger than a boil sufficient reason for a few openings for discharge of pus

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  • deep-red cabochon garnet cut without factors
  • A beautiful jewel of a-deep red color (with an assortment of scarlet) known as because of the Greeks anthrax; found in the East Indies. Whenever held up into the sun, it manages to lose its deep tinge, and becomes of color of burning coal. The name belongs generally to ruby sapphire, though it is often in addition given to purple spinel and garnet.
  • an extremely painful severe neighborhood swelling associated with the subcutaneous structure, esp. of the trunk or back regarding the neck, characterized by brawny stiffness associated with affected components, sloughing of the skin and deeper areas, and marked constitutional depression. It differs from a boil in dimensions, habit of spread, and also the absence of a central core, and is often deadly. It is also known as anthrax.
  • A charge or bearing likely to express the valuable stone. It has eight scepters or staves radiating from a typical center. Called also escarbuncle.