What does carboxyl mean?

carboxyl meaning in General Dictionary

The complex radical COOH seen as the essential and characteristic constituent which all oxygen acids of carbon as formic acetic benzoic acids etc have commonly called in addition oxatyl

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  • regarding or containing the carboxyl team or carboxyl radical
  • the univalent radical -COOH; within and characteristic of natural acids
  • The complex radical, CO.OH, considered the fundamental and characteristic constituent which all air acids of carbon (as formic, acetic, benzoic acids, etc.) have as a common factor; -- labeled as also oxatyl.

Sentence Examples with the word carboxyl

It is necessary clearly to distinguish such compounds as the amino- (or amido-) acids and acid-amides; in the first case the amino group is substituted in the hydrocarbon residue, in the second it is substituted in the carboxyl group.

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