What does carbonate mean?

carbonate meaning in General Dictionary

A salt or carbonic acid as in limestone some forms of lead ore etc

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  • become a carbonate
  • treat with carbon dioxide
  • a salt or ester of carbonic-acid (containing the anion CO3)
  • A salt or carbonic acid, as with limestone, some kinds of lead ore, etc.

carbonate meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1794, from French carbonate "salt of carbonic acid" (Lavoisier), from contemporary Latin carbonatem "a carbonated (substance)," from Latin carbo (see carbon).

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  • 1805, "to form into a carbonate," from carbonate (letter.) by impact of French carbonater "change into a carbonate." Indicating "to impregnate with carbonic acid fuel (for example. carbon dioxide)" is from 1850s. Related: Carbonated; carbonating.

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Sentence Examples with the word carbonate

The term alkali is employed in a technical sense for the carbonate and hydrate (of sodium), but since in the Leblanc process the manufacture of sodium sulphate necessarily precedes that of the carbonate, we include this as well as the manufacture of hydrochloric acid which is inseparable from it.

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