What does carbonado mean?

carbonado meaning in General Dictionary

a black colored variety of diamond present in Brazil and used for diamond exercises It occurs in unusual or curved fragments seldom distinctly crystallized with a surface different from lightweight to porous

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  • To reduce animal meat across for frying or broiling to cut or cut and broil
  • an inferior dark diamond found in industry for drilling and polishing
  • a bit of animal meat (or seafood) that is scored and broiled
  • Flesh, fowl, etc., slashed across, experienced, and broiled onu000du000a coals; a chop.
  • Alt. of Carbonade
  • A black selection of diamond, present Brazil, and utilized for diamond drills. It happens in irregular or rounded fragments, rarely distinctly crystallized, with a surface varying from compact to permeable.

Sentence Examples with the word carbonado

It is almost exclusively in the mines of Bahia, and in particular in the Cincora district, that the valuable carbonado is found.

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