What does carbon cycle mean?

carbon cycle meaning in Urban Dictionary

The action of carbon among living organisms air, therefore the ground.

carbon cycle meaning in Law Dictionary

The group of processes through which carbon substances tend to be interconverted within the environment, chiefly relating to the incorporation of co2 into living tissue by photosynthesis and its own go back to the atmosphere through respiration, the decay of lifeless organisms, while the burning of fossil fuels.

carbon cycle meaning in Business Dictionary

Sequence of procedures by which carbon compounds move from carbon reservoir or sink (such woodlands and oceans) to some other (eg environment) and back. Since much more co2 will be released to the environment through burning of fossil fuels and less has been 'fixed' (changed into organic substances through photosynthesis by plants) because of the destruction of tropical woodlands, the carbon pattern is in danger or becoming severely disturbed. Overseas accords such as for instance Kyoto protocol are attempting to reduce production of carbon dioxide (along with other carbon dioxide) through the imposition of emission controls.

carbon cycle meaning in General Dictionary

the organic blood flow of carbon through the atmosphere into organisms and again

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