What does carbine mean?

carbine meaning in General Dictionary

a quick light musket or rifle esp one employed by mounted troops or cavalry

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  • light automated rifle
  • a quick, light musket or rifle, esp. one utilized by attached soldiers or cavalry.

carbine meaning in Etymology Dictionary

quick rifle, 1580s, from French carabine (Middle French carabin), used of light-horsemen as well as for the tool they transported, of uncertain origin, possibly from Medieval Latin Calabrinus "Calabrian" (i.e., "rifle built in Calabria"). A less-likely concept (Gamillscheg, etc.) connects it to Old French escarrabin "corpse-bearer through the plague," virtually (probably) "carrion beetle," thought to have-been an epithet for archers from Flanders.

Sentence Examples with the word carbine

Troopers are armed with lance, sword and carbine (for which in 1908 the substitution of a short rifle with bayonet was suggested).

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