What does carbide mean?

carbide meaning in General Dictionary

A binary compound of carbon with some other factor or radical where carbon plays the section of a negative previously called carburet

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  • a binary chemical of carbon with a more electropositive element
  • A binary substance of carbon with various other element or radical, in which the carbon plays the section of a poor; -- formerly termed carburet.

carbide meaning in Law Dictionary

Calcium carbide (CaC2), familiar with create acetylene by-reaction with liquid and formerly utilized in portable lights.

carbide meaning in Etymology Dictionary

chemical formed by combination of carbon and another factor, 1848, from carb-, brush. as a type of carbon + chemical suffix -ide. The sooner term ended up being carburet.

carbide meaning in Business Dictionary

Carbon compounded with a non-metal (including boron, calcium, or silicon) or steel (like in cobalt, tantalum, titanium, tungsten, or vanadium). Material carbides tend to be characterized by their particular extreme stiffness and opposition to large conditions, and are used as abrasives, as well as in cutting, drilling, milling, and polishing tools. See additionally tough metal.

Sentence Examples with the word carbide

The class of furnaces heated by electrically incandescent materials has been divided by Borchers into two groups: (I) those in which the substance is heated by contact form at least so much carbide as would suffice, when diffused through the metal, to render it brittle, practically restricts the use of such processes to the production of aluminium alloys.

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