What does caravanserai mean?

caravanserai meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1590s, carvanzara, "Eastern inn (with a sizable main judge) catering to caravans," in the end from Persian karwan-sarai, from karwan (see caravan) + sara'i "palace, mansion; inn," from Iranian base *thraya- "to safeguard" (see seraglio).

caravanserai meaning in General Dictionary

an inn in some eastern nations with a sizable courtyard that delivers accommodation for caravans

Sentence Examples with the word caravanserai

When, as sometimes happens, those revenues have been dissipated by peculation, neglect or change of times, the caravanserai passes through downward stages of dilapidation to total ruin (of which only too many examples may be seen) unless some new charity intervene to repair and renew it.

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