What does caravan mean?

caravan meaning in General Dictionary

A company of tourists pilgrims or merchants organized and equipped for a long journey or marching or traveling collectively esp through deserts and countries infested by robbers or hostile tribes as in Asia or Africa

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  • vacation in a caravan
  • a camper built with living quarters
  • a procession (of wagons or mules or camels) taking a trip collectively in single-file
  • a business of tourists, pilgrims, or merchants, arranged and equipped for an extended journey, or marching or taking a trip collectively, esp. through deserts and countries infested by robbers or hostile tribes, as in Asia or Africa.
  • a sizable, covered truck, or a train of such wagons, for conveying wild beasts, etc., for convention; an itinerant show, at the time of wild beasts.
  • A covered automobile to carry passengers and for going furnishings, etc.; -- occasionally shorted into van.

caravan meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1580s, from center French caravane, from Old French carvane, carevane "caravan" (13c.), or Medieval Latin caravana, found during the Crusades from Persian karwan "group of desert people" (which Klein connects to Sanskrit karabhah "camel"). Utilized in English for "vehicle" 17c., especially for a covered cart. Thus, in contemporary Brit use (from 1930s), usually a rough exact carbon copy of the U.S. cellular home.

caravan - German to English

caravan [Br.]

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  • travel trailer [Am.]

Sentence Examples with the word caravan

Travelling down from Damascus in 1875 with the Haj caravan, he stopped at El Hajr, one of the pilgrim stations, with the intention of awaiting the return of the caravan and in the meantime of exploring the rock-cut tombs of Medain Salih and El Ala.

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