What does caran mean?

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The name Caram can only be providing to somebody who can be so known as perfect. Caran can be generally a goddess and is nice and constantly obeys the guidelines. Caran can certainly be directed at somebody who had in the morning incredible music ability taken to by friends and family.

Sentence Examples with the word caran

In 1460, during the reign of the fourteenth Caran Shyri, or king of the Cara nation, Hualcopo Duchisela, the conquest of Quito was undertaken by Tupac Yupanqui, the Inca of Peru; and his ambitious schemes were, not long after his death, successfully carried out by his son Huayna-Capac, who inflicted a decisive defeat on the Quitonians in the battle of Hatuntaqui, and secured his position by marrying Pacha, the daughter of the late Shyri.

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