What does caramelize mean?

caramelize meaning in General Dictionary

to to convert usu sugar into caramel because of the action of temperature

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  • be changed into caramel
  • convert to caramel

caramelize meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1837, from caramel + -ize. Earlier on ended up being previous participle adjective carameled (1727). Relevant: Caramelized; caramelizing.

caramelize meaning in Cooking Dictionary

To gently brown all-natural sugars along with other substances in foot over reduced temperature to produce a more intense taste. Fragrant veggies, specifically carrots and onions, and stew meats in many cases are caramelized in a tiny bit of fat. Example

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  • To heat sugar or foods containing sugar until brown shade and characteristic taste progress.
  • the method whereby normal sugars in meals become browned and flavorful while preparing. This is usually done over a continuing heat of reasonable to medium-low. Caramelization is quickened with the help of some sugar. Either way, try not to burn off.
  • To gradually break down sugar (granulated or brown) in liquid, after that heat up the resulting syrup until it turns caramel-brown in color. Caramelized sugar may also be known as burnt sugar.