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Portuguese slang. Usally used as a generally non-ofensive form of caralho. Carago: typical brands: Carao, Caragüe, Caragua, Bukut. Certified name: Cassia GrandisCarago is a deciduous subcanopy tree (15-30 m) significant for its striking, red pastel-colored blossoms in addition to its persistent, strong-smelling, and cylindrical woody pods. Each woody, indehiscent good fresh fruit is around 75cm long, broad (5-6 cm), cylindrical fit and contoured by elevated striations and ridges. In, transversely focused compartments with papery wall space contain flattened, round, tan-colored seeds (1.5 cm) including considerable amounts of thick, strong-smelling, dark-colored honey. The pungent honey found amply in carago pods may also be combined with milk and used as a refreshment. It is said to have medicinal properties and, among other things, to help combat anemia and add metal toward blood. A liquid antiseptic can be had from carago origins and leaves, while its blossoms are used in other home remedies. Carago is extensively grown as an ornamental tree.Carago trees are normally taken for southern Mexico, to Surinam and Brazil.Carago