What does capybara mean?

capybara meaning in General Dictionary

A large South American rodent Hydrochaeligrus capybara Living regarding margins of waterways It is the largest extant rodent becoming three legs lengthy and half that tall It somewhat resembles the guinea-pig that it's associated called in addition cabiai and water hog

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  • pig-sized tailless Southern American amphibious rodent with partly webbed foot; biggest living rodent
  • a big Southern American rodent (Hydrochaerus capybara) Residing on the margins of lakes and rivers. It is the biggest extant rodent, being about three legs very long, and half that high. It significantly resembles the guinea-pig, that its associated; -- known as also cabiai and liquid hog.

capybara meaning in Etymology Dictionary

South United states rodent, 1774, from some Tupi (Brazilian) native name.

capybara - German to English

capibara [Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris]

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  • capybara [Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris]

Sentence Examples with the word capybara

Extinct species of capybara occur in the tertiary deposits of Argentina, some of which were considerably larger than the living form.

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