What does capture mean?

capture meaning in General Dictionary

To seize and take control of by force surprise or stratagem to conquer and hold to secure by effort

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  • result in the capture of an elementary particle or celestial body and causing it enter a fresh orbit
  • take control of by power, as after an invasion
  • attract; reason to be enamored
  • succeed in representing or revealing something intangible
  • capture like by searching, snaring, or trapping
  • succeed in getting or seizing, specially after a chase
  • a procedure wherein a celebrity or planet holds an item in its gravitational industry
  • the act of forcibly dispossessing an owner of home
  • the removal of an opponent's piece through the chess board
  • the act of using of one by force
  • any process where an atomic or nuclear system acquires one more particle
  • The work of seizing by force, or getting ownership of by exceptional energy or by stratagem; since, the capture of an adversary, a vessel, or a criminal.
  • The securing of an object of strife or desire, as by the energy of some attraction.
  • the fact taken by power, surprise, or stratagem; a prize; victim.
  • To seize or take ownership of by force, shock, or stratagem; to conquer and hold; to secure by work.

capture meaning in Urban Dictionary

younger solitary feminine

capture meaning in Law Dictionary

In worldwide law. The taking or wresting of home in one of two belligerents because of the other. It does occur either on land or at water. In the previous instance, the home grabbed is known as "booty;" In the second instance, "prize." Capture, in technical language, is a taking by armed forces power; a seizure is a taking by civil expert. U. S. v. Athens Armory, 35 Ga. 344, Fed. Cas. No. 14,473. In some instances, that is a mode of obtaining home. Therefore, everyone may, typically, by himself land, or on the sea, capture any crazy animal, and acquire a qualified ownership in it by confining it, or absolute ownership by killing it. 2 Steph. Comm. 79.

capture meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1540s, from Middle French capture "a taking," from Latin captura "a taking" (especially of animals), from captus (see captive).

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  • 1795, from capture (letter.); in chess, checkers, etc., 1820. Relevant: Captured; capturing. Early in the day verb within good sense had been captive (early 15c.).

capture meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Accounting: Conversion of a certified exchange into an invoiceable deal once the items tend to be transported or solutions tend to be rendered towards the buyer. 2. Processing: (1) Digitization of nonetheless or video images with special equipment and software. (2) Diversion of data from its supply (particularly a data slot) to a networked unit (eg a printer).

capture meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

to get information into a storage area or unit for future guide. For instance, when text is cut or copied it really is captured and placed in the clipboard. It may then be pasted into an alternative place.

Sentence Examples with the word capture

The book begins like the Syriac Apocalypse of Baruch with an account of the removal of the sacredvessels of theTemple before its capture by the Chaldees.

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