What does captivity mean?

captivity meaning in General Dictionary

hawaii of being a captive or a prisoner

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  • hawaii of being imprisoned
  • hawaii to be a servant
  • their state to be a captive or a prisoner.
  • A state to be under control; subjection regarding the will or affections; bondage.

captivity meaning in Etymology Dictionary

belated 14c., Old French *captivite or right from Latin captivitatem (nominative captivitas), from captivus (see captive (letter.)). A classic English cognate word because of it had been geh

Sentence Examples with the word captivity

The Wahhabi leader was soon after sent to Constantinople, where, in spite of Mehemet Ali's intercession, he and the companions who had followed him in his captivity were condemned to death, and after being paraded through the city with ignominy for three days were finally beheaded.

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