What does captivate mean?

captivate meaning in General Dictionary

done prisoner made captive insnared charmed

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  • To just take prisoner to capture to subdue
  • attract; cause to be enamored
  • To simply take prisoner; to recapture; to subdue.
  • To acquire ascendancy over by explanation of some art or attraction; to fascinate; to charm; as, Cleopatra captivated Antony; the orator captivated all hearts.
  • Taken prisoner; made captive; insnared; charmed.

captivate meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1520s, "to enthrall with appeal," from belated Latin captivatus, previous participle of captivare "to simply take, capture," from captivus (see captive). Literal sense (1550s) is uncommon or obsolete in English, which makes use of capture (q.v.). Latin captare "to take, hold" also had a transferred feeling of "to entice, entrap, attraction." Relevant: Captivated; captivating; captivatingly.

Sentence Examples with the word captivate

He tried to captivate the ambitious fancy of the king.

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