What does captious mean?

captious meaning in General Dictionary

Apt to catch at faults disposed to get fault or even cavil desperate to object tough to please

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  • maintaining find and call awareness of faults
  • more likely to get at faults; disposed to find fault or even cavil; wanting to object; tough to please.
  • suited to harass, perplex, or insnare; insidious; problematic.

captious meaning in Urban Dictionary

adj- many functional term in existence, it has no singular meaning, but alternatively modifies any noun within the english language. this maddeningly irritating term is frequently present memory tests, sometimes prompting test-takers to vomit with rage. can also help suffix addenda.

captious meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1400, capcyus, from Middle French captieux (15c.) or straight from Latin captiosus "fallacious," from captionem (nominative captio) "a deceiving, fallacious debate," virtually "a taking (in)," from captus, previous participle of capere "to take, get" (see able). Related: Captiously; captiousness.

Sentence Examples with the word captious

His two most important works are the Procedure, Extent, and Limits of the Human Understanding (1728), an able though sometimes captious critique of Locke's essay, and Things Divine and Supernatural conceived by Analogy with Things Natural and Human, more briefly referred to as the Divine Analogy (1733).

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