What does caption mean?

caption meaning in General Dictionary

A caviling a sophism

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  • supply with a caption, by a photograph or a drawing
  • taking exclusion; particularly a quibble predicated on a captious debate
  • translation of foreign dialogue of a film or television program; usually displayed in the bottom regarding the screen
  • brief information associated an illustration
  • A caviling; a sophism.
  • The work of using or arresting an individual by judicial procedure.
  • That element of a legal instrument, as a commission,u000du000a indictment, etc., which shows where, when, and also by what authority, itu000du000a had been taken, discovered, or executed.
  • The heading of a chapter, part, or page.

caption meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. the very first portion of any penned appropriate pleading (reports) become submitted, containing the name, target, telephone number of the attorney, anyone or individuals the lawyer represents, the courtroom title, the title of case, the number of the way it is, plus the name associated with the papers (complaint, accusation, answer, motion, etc.). Each jurisdiction possesses its own principles regarding specific format of this caption.

caption meaning in Law Dictionary

used. That element of an appropriate tool, as a fee, indictment, etc., which ultimately shows in which, whenever, and by exactly what authority it really is taken, discovered, or performed. State v. Sutton, 5 N. C. 281; U. S. v. Beebe, 2 Dak. 292, 11 N. W. 505; State v. Jones, 9 N. J. Law, 365, 17 Am. Dee. 4S3. When used with mention of the an indictment, caption signifies the style or preamble or commencement of indictment; when used with reference to a commission, it indicates the certification that the commissioners' names tend to be subscribed, declaring when and where it had been performed. Brown. The caption of a pleading, deposition, or any other paper related to an instance in courtroom, may be the heading or basic term which will show the names associated with parties, name associated with courtroom, wide range of the case from the docket or schedule, etc. In addition signifies a taking, seizure, or arrest of a person. 2 Salk. 498. Your message inside feeling is now outdated in English law. In Scotch legislation. Caption is an order to incarcerate a debtor that has disobeyed an order, fond of him with what are known as "letters of horning," to pay for a debt or to perform some act enjoined thereby. Bell.

caption meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "taking, seizure," from Old French capcion "arrest, capture, imprisonment," or straight from Latin captionem (nominative capito) "a catching, seizing, keeping, taking," noun of activity from previous participle stem of capere "to take" (see able). From 17c. used particularly in legislation, and indeed there via its look on head of appropriate document involving seizure ("Certificate of caption", etc.), your message's sense had been extended to "the start of any document;" hence "heading of a part or area of articles" (1789), and, particularly in U.S., "description or name below an illustration" (1919).

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  • by 1901, from caption (n.). Related: Captioned; captioning.

caption meaning in Business Dictionary

Brief information, heading, or title that identifies or presents a document, graphic, photo, or table.

caption meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

Text entirely on a graphic or video clip that both explain understanding being seen or perhaps is a dictation of something becoming stated. For instance, a translated caption is employed whenever an individual is speaking another language in a film, enabling the individual to watch a foreign language motion picture.