What does caprimulgus mean?

caprimulgus meaning in General Dictionary

the sort genus associated with Caprimulgidae like the whip poor will Caprimulgus vociferus additionally the chuck wills widow Caprimulgus carolinensis

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  • type genus regarding the Caprimulgidae

caprimulgus meaning in Urban Dictionary

1. actually means "Milker of goats" in Latin or "Goat Milker." In anicent times individuals who milked goats had been generally bad or enslaved. So calling somebody a caprimulgus was belittling all of them to that particular of a slave or bad person.It is now seen primarily in "The Daughters regarding the Moon" book series by Lynne Ewing. Where a number of the characters speak Latin and ancient greek language.

Sentence Examples with the word caprimulgus

The number of its folds varies considerably, from three in Caprimulgus to nearly thirty in crow (Corvus).

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