What does capricious mean?

capricious meaning in General Dictionary

Governed or characterized by caprice likely to transform out of the blue freakish whimsical changeable

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  • changeable
  • based on possibility or impulse or whim in the place of by need or reason
  • Governed or characterized by caprice; more likely to alter abruptly; freakish; whimsical; changeable.

capricious meaning in Legal Dictionary

adv., adj. unpredictable and subject to whim, frequently always make reference to judges and judicial choices that do not follow the law, reasoning or correct trial treatment. A semi-polite way of saying a judge is contradictory or erratic.

capricious meaning in Law Dictionary

fond of abrupt and unaccountable changes of mood or behavior.

capricious meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1590s, from French capricieux "whimsical" (16c.), from Italian capriccioso, from capriccio (see caprice). Associated: Capriciously; capriciousness.

capricious meaning in Business Dictionary

1. High-handed and inconsistent. 2. Unjust choice predicated on whim, and never on the merits for the instance. See additionally arbitrary.

Sentence Examples with the word capricious

In times past, biblical exegesis, religious ideals, and ecclesiastical organization, the purely political aims of statesmen, chance combinations of party politics and the intrigues of diplomatists, class prejudice, social conventions, apparently sudden changes of economic policy, capricious changes of fashion - all these causes and many others have exerted a direct and immediate influence on the economic life of the community.

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