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Capreol A.K.A. Cape-Towna tiny city from the borders of sudbury, ontario. There isn't truly much to accomplish in capreol in addition to it has one of the better skate parks in north ontario apparently. This city is filled with wangsters and chavs though there is a little population of emos. There isn't much shopping in capreol often. It's mainly all part shops and shitty restaurants. Here everyone knows each other and that can identify every kid from St.Marys on the spot. There are only two schools in capreol C.R.JUDD (Public) and St.Marys (Catholic) Many children visit C.R.JUDD but you can find couple of that go to school at St.Marys or St.Annes in Hanmer. Wherever you go no matter what time it is you will always see somebody travelling city. There are particular places populated by certain kinds of individuals. Many young ones are found either at the arena, the Millenium Center, or perambulating those areas. There are lots of occasions that go on in capreol, The lighting effects of tree that is generally in late november early december where everyone satisfies up at the cenetaff across through the liquor shop to watch the gaint tree light, Old timers tourney, usually in mid January in which old males register and play hockey, Capreol times, that is held during August or July and it has a baseball competition and it is always over exagurated. And ther tend to be additional.Capreol is a hockey focused city. Everyone that lives ther features played hockey or plays hockey or has a relative that play hockey. Virtually every weekend there is a tournament which usually triggers numerous children to miss college on fridays. Capreol's staff is called the "Capreol Hawks".Capreol is basicaly a pretty boring town in which very little continues additionally the biggest development really is "Do you see that fire ast night?" or "Do you begin to see the battle through the hockey game yesterday evening?"