What does capote mean?

capote meaning in General Dictionary

a lengthy cloak or overcoat specifically one with a hood

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  • a lengthy cloak with a hood that may be pulled over the pinnacle
  • a lengthy overcoat with a bonnet which can be stopped the head
  • A long cloak or overcoat, specially one with a hood.

capote meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"long cloak with a hood," 1812, from French capote, fem. of capot (17c.), diminutive of cape (see cape (n.1)).

capote - French to English

bonnet [car, pram]

Sentence Examples with the word capote

The South Ute Indian Reservation in the south of the state is the home of the Moache, Capote and Wiminuche Utes, of Shoshonean stock.

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