What does capon mean?

capon meaning in General Dictionary

To castrate which will make a capon of

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  • A castrated dick esp whenever fattened a male chicken gelded to boost his skin for table
  • flesh of a castrated male chicken
  • castrated male chicken
  • A castrated cock, esp. when fattened; a male chicken gelded to improve their flesh for the dining table.
  • To castrate; in order to make a capon of.

capon meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"a castrated cock," late Old English capun, from Latin caponem (nominative capo) "castrated cock" (additionally supply of French chapon, Spanish capon, Italian cappone), maybe virtually "to hit down," from PIE root *(s)kep- "to cut" (see hatchet (letter.)). Probably reinforced in Middle English by cognate Old North French capon.

capon meaning in Cooking Dictionary

The culinary term for castrated chicken that is fed on a special diet until it is slaughtered at the age of 6 to 9 months. Considered by most to be the best eating chicken available.

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  • A young castrated rooster.
  • A castrated rooster which savored for its delicate taste and surface. As soon as castrated, the chicken would become fattened, yielding tender, juicy flesh. This method of increasing birds is not practiced much any longer, since most birds are butchered at an early age but still very tender.