What does capitulum mean?

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A thick mind of flowers on an extremely brief axis as a clover top or a dandelion a composite rose A capitulum may be either globular or level

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  • a dense group of flowers or foliage
  • fruiting increase of a cereal plant particularly corn
  • an arrangement of leafy limbs forming the most truly effective or head of a tree
  • A thick head of blossoms on a tremendously brief axis, as a clover top, or a dandelion; a composite flower. A capitulum is either globular or flat.
  • A knoblike protuberance of every part, esp. at the end of a bone or cartilage. [See Illust. of Artiodactyla.]

capitulum meaning in Etymology Dictionary

used in various senses in English; Latin, virtually "little head," diminutive of caput "head," also "leader, guide, chief person; summit; money town; source, source, springtime," figuratively "life, physical life;" in writing "a division, section;" of income, "the main amount," from PIE *kaput- "head" (see head (n.)).

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Sentence Examples with the word capitulum

In Saxifraga umbrosa (London-pride) and in the horse-chestnut we meet with a raceme of scorpioid cymes; in sea-pink, a capitulum of contracted scorpioid cymes (often called a glomerulus); in laurustinus, a compound umbel of dichasial cymes; a scorpioid cyme of capitula in Vernonia scorpioides.

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