What does capitulate mean?

capitulate meaning in General Dictionary

To surrender or move as an army or a fortress on particular conditions

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  • to be in or draft the minds or regards to an agreement as in chapters or articles to agree
  • surrender under agreed circumstances
  • To settle or draft the heads or terms of an contract, as with chapters or articles; to concur.
  • To surrender on terms agreed upon (usually, drafted under a few minds); because, a military or a garrison capitulates.
  • To surrender or transfer, as an army or a fortress, on specific conditions.

capitulate meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1570s, "to-draw up in chapters" (i.e., under "heads"), simply a back-formation from capitulation, to some extent from Medieval Latin capitulatus, past participle of capitulare "to-draw up in minds or chapters, arrange conditions." Usually of regards to surrender, hence indicating "to yield on stipulated terms" (1680s). Relevant: Capitulated; capitulating.

Sentence Examples with the word capitulate

Paetus, a weak and incapable man, suffered a severe defeat at Rhandea (62), where he was surrounded and forced to capitulate and to evacuate Armenia.

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