What does capitalize mean?

capitalize meaning in General Dictionary

To convert into money or even to make use of as capital

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  • supply with capital, by a small business making use of a mix of money employed by investors and debt money provided by lenders
  • draw benefits from
  • compute the present value of a company or earnings
  • write-in money letters
  • think about expenditures as money possessions in place of expenditures
  • convert (an organization's reserve resources) into capital
  • To convert into money, or to make use of as money.
  • To calculate, appraise, or gauge the money worth of (a patent right, an annuity, etc.)
  • To print in capital letters, or with a short money.

capitalize meaning in Law Dictionary

With certain financial loans, such as for example subsidized FFEL financial loans, the U.S. division of knowledge pays the interest that accrues on these financial loans although the pupil is enrolled at the least halftime and during durations of deferment.

capitalize meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"write or printing in capital letters," 1764, from capital (n.1) + -ize. Meaning "to transform (assets) to capital" is taped from 1868. Associated: Capitalized; capitalizing.

capitalize meaning in Business Dictionary

tracking an expenditure like it were the price of a fixed asset, where the good thing about the spending (such as for refurbishing a device) yields benefits over a period longer than one year. See in addition capitalized cost.