What does capitalization mean?

capitalization meaning in General Dictionary

The work or process of capitalizing

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  • writing in money letters
  • an estimation of the value of a company
  • the sale of capital stock
  • the work of capitalizing on an opportunity
  • The act or means of capitalizing.

capitalization meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. 1) the act of counting predicted earnings and costs as money possessions (property, gear, fixtures) for accounting functions. 2) the amount of anticipated net earnings which hypothetically can be used for conversion into money assets.

capitalization meaning in Law Dictionary

the structure of an organization in guide to its stocks and bonds it has granted and also to their particular well worth.

capitalization meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1860, "act of changing (possessions) to capital," noun of activity from capitalize within the financial good sense. Meaning "act of writing or printing in capital letters" is recorded from 1864.

Sentence Examples with the word capitalization

Ottoman arms met with almost systematic reverses; both the ordinary and the reserve treasuries were depleted; a proposal to contract a foreign loan (1783) came to nothing, and the public debt (duyun-i-usnumiye) was created by the capitalization of certain revenues in the form of interest bearing bonds (sehims) issued to Ottoman subjects against money lent by them to the state (1785).

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