What does capital stock mean?

capital stock meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. the first amount paid by people into a corporation for the released stock. Capital stock bears no direct commitment to the current worth of stock, which can fluctuate after the preliminary issue or first stock offering. Capital stock also doesn't mirror the worthiness of corporate possessions, which could increase or down considering profits, losses, or expenditures of equipment. Capital stock remains as a ledger entry at initial price.

capital stock meaning in Law Dictionary

The common stock or fund of a coriwration. The sum of money raised by the subscriptions associated with stockholders, and divided in to shares. It is said become the amount where calls is made upon the stockholders, and dividends should be compensated. Christeusen v. Eno, 106 N. Y. 97. 12 N. E. 648. 00 Am. Rep. 429; men and women v. Com'rs, 23 N. Y. 219; State v. Jones, 51 Ohio St. 492, 37 N. E. 945; Burrall v. Railroad Co., 75 N. Y. 216. Originally "the administrative centre stock associated with lender" had been all of the residential property of each type, every little thing, which the hank possessed. Which "capital stock," the whole thing, in fact belonged towards contributors, it becoming intrusted on bank to be utilized and traded with because of their exclusive advantage; and therefore the lender became the broker associated with contributors, so your transmutation regarding the money initially advanced by the readers into residential property of other kinds, though it altered the type of the investment, left its useful ownership unaffected ; and each brand new purchase of residential property, by trade or perhaps, ended up being an acquisition the initial customers or their representatives, their particular passions inside it all constantly continuing in identical proportion such as the aggregate capital initially advanced level. To ensure that, whether in the form of cash, bills of exchange, or other home in possession or perhaps in activity into which the money originally added has-been changed, or which this has produced, all is, due to the fact original contribution had been. the main city stock associated with bank, held, once the original contribution had been, for the exclusive advantageous asset of the initial contributors and the ones which represent all of them. The first contributors and those which represent them would be the stockholders. Brand new Haven v. City Bank, 31 Conn. 109. Capital stock, as utilized in functions of incorporation, is never always suggest the worth associated with the property for the business. It's very usually, or even universally, used to designate the amount of money prescribed is contributed at the outset because of the stockholders, for functions of the firm. The value regarding the corporate assets may lie considerably increased by surplus earnings, or be diminished by losings, nevertheless level of the capital stock remains the exact same. The resources associated with organization may fluctuate; its capital stock stays invariable. unless changed bv legislative expert. Canfield v. Fire Ass'n, 23 N. J. Law, 195.

capital stock meaning in Business Dictionary

Total number of a company's capital, represented by the value of its released typical and favored stock (ordinary and choice stocks).

capital stock meaning in General Dictionary

the utmost wide range of shares authorized under the regards to a corporation's articles of incorporation

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  • the guide value of the outstanding stocks of a corporation

capital stock meaning in Insurance Dictionary

The ownership of a corporation as expressed in separately or jointly held stocks of stock.

Sentence Examples with the word capital stock

The expenses of the state government are met chiefly by special taxes on railway and canal corporations, a franchise tax on the capital stock of other corporations, a collateral inheritance tax and leases of riparian lands.

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