What does capital account mean?

capital account meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. the record which lists all standard possessions of a small business, excluding stock or even the so-called value of great will.

capital account meaning in Finance Dictionary

The account in a nation's stability of repayments that records the flows of money between domestic residents and people from other countries.

capital account meaning in Law Dictionary

In monetary bookkeeping, the capital account is just one of the accounts in shareholders' equity. Sole proprietorships have actually an individual capital account when you look at the owner's equity. Partnerships maintain a capital account for all the partners.

capital account meaning in Business Dictionary

1.u000du000aBalances: General ledger account showing owners' investment plus net income through the company's businesses, less net losses (if any) from operations, less distributions of resources because of the owner(s) private use.u000du000au000du000au000du000a2.u000du000aEconomics: That section of balance of repayments which records web changes in a country's worldwide monetary possessions and debts.

capital account meaning in General Dictionary

(business economics) that area of the balance of payments recording a nation's outflow and inflow of financial securities

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  • (finance) an account regarding the web worth of a small business at a specified day

Sentence Examples with the word capital account

Telephone business is characterized by two features: (I) that the capital account is never closed, and (2) that the costli - ness of the service increases with the size of the undertaking.

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