What does capability mean?

capability meaning in General Dictionary

the caliber of being capable capacity capableness esp intellectual energy or capability

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  • the susceptibility of some thing to a particular treatment
  • an aptitude that may be created
  • the quality of being capable -- actually or intellectually or legally
  • The quality of becoming able; capacity; capableness; esp. intellectual energy or capability.
  • Capacity of being made use of or improved.

capability meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1580s, from capable + -ity. Capabilities "undeveloped professors or residential property" is attested from 1778.

capability meaning in Business Dictionary

1. General: Measure of the power of an entity (division, company, person, system) to accomplish its targets, specifically concerning its overall mission. 2. Quality: Total range of inherent variants in a well balanced process.

Sentence Examples with the word capability

He left open the question whether the capability of sensation belongs to all matter, or is confined to the combinations of certain materials.

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