What does cap mean?

cap meaning in General Dictionary

to locate your head respectfully

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  • To cover with a cap or much like a cap to provide with a cap or address to cover the most effective or end of to position a cap upon the correct section of regarding limit a post to cap a gun
  • lie at the top of
  • limit the quantity or amount of
  • a top limitation on which is allowed
  • a protective covering this is certainly section of a plant
  • a fruiting structure resembling an umbrella or a cone that forms the top a stalked fleshy fungi including a mushroom
  • a technical or electric volatile unit or a small amount of volatile; enables you to start the reaction of a disrupting volatile
  • (dentistry) dental care device composed of an artificial top for a broken or decayed enamel
  • the top of part of a column that aids the entablature
  • a top (as for a bottle)
  • one thing serving as a cover or security
  • a tight-fitting headdress
  • A covering when it comes to head
  • One often with a visor but without a brim, for males and kids
  • among lace, muslin, etc., for females, or babies
  • One used once the mark or ensign of some position, workplace, or self-esteem, as that of a cardinal.
  • the utmost effective, or uppermost component; the chief.
  • A respectful uncovering associated with head.
  • The whole top of the head of a bird from base of the costs to your nape associated with throat.
  • such a thing resembling a cap in kind, position, or utilize
  • The uppermost of any assemblage of components; because, the limit of line, home, etc.; a capital, coping, cornice, lintel, or plate.
  • some thing since the top or end of something for security or decoration.
  • A collar of iron or timber found in joining spars, because the mast and also the topmast, the bowsprit as well as the jib-boom; also, a covering of tarred fabric after a rope.
  • A percussion cap. See under Percussion.
  • The removable address of a journal field.
  • some of a spherical or other convex area.
  • a big measurements of composing report; since, flat cap; foolscap; legal cap.
  • to pay for with a cap, or just like a cap; to give you with a limit or address; to cover the most truly effective or end of; to place a cap upon the correct element of; as, to limit a post; to cap a gun.
  • To deprive of cap.
  • to accomplish; to crown; to carry towards the greatest point or consummation; as, to limit the orgasm of absurdity.
  • To salute by removing the cap.
  • to fit; to mate in contest; to provide a complement to; since, to limit text; to limit proverbs.
  • to discover the head respectfully.

cap meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. slang for optimum, as the most interest which can be recharged on an "adjustable price" promissory note.

cap meaning in Law Dictionary

n OVERTHECOUNTER INTEREST OPTION contract that delivers the client with a payoff when an underlying interest rate reference exceeds a predefined STRIKE PRICE. See also CAPTION, FLOOR, FLOORTION.

cap meaning in Etymology Dictionary

belated Old English c

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  • c.1400, "to put a cap on," from limit (n.). Meaning "protect much like s cap" is from c.1600. Figurative feeling of "go one better" is from 1580s. Relevant: Capped; capping.

cap meaning in Fashion Dictionary

A headcovering typically used on the cheap formal events or activities that suits the head much more closely than a hat and which frequently has actually a visor at the front end. Hats will tend to be made from textile, often felt, or leather. They generally are included in the uniforms utilized by the armed forces or for recreations, and also as baseball caps did, will come into extensive use one of the average man or woman also.

cap meaning in Sports Dictionary

Every time a player makes an appearance for their nationwide side, he is awarded a symbolic cap. (sport: Soccer)

cap meaning in Business Dictionary

1. an upper limit put on some thing, like an interest rate. The exact opposite, i.e. a lower restriction, is a 'floor'). 2. (casual) identical to capitalisation

cap meaning in Insurance Dictionary

An agreement obligating the vendor to make repayments into purchaser, with every repayment on the basis of the quantity through which a reference price (or amount) and/or performance (or worth) of 1 or even more underlying interests exceeds a predetermined quantity, often labeled as the attack price or strike cost.

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Gustavus first intervened actively in politics in 1768, at the time of his father's interregnum, when he compelled the dominant Cap faction to summon an extraordinary diet from which he hoped for the reform of the constitution in a monarchical direction.

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