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A tenacious elastic gummy substance obtained through the milky sap of a number of flowers of exotic south usa esp the euphorbiaceous tree Siphonia elastica or Hevea caoutchouc Asia and Africa Being impermeable to liquids and fumes and not readly impacted by contact with environment acids and alkalies it really is made use of specially when vulcanized for a lot of purposes within the arts as well as in manufactures also referred to as india-rubber as it was first brought from India and had been formerly utilized mainly for erasing pencil markings and gum flexible See Vulcanization

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  • an elastic material obtained from the exudate sap of woods (especially woods for the genera Hevea and Ficus) that may be vulcanized and finished into a number of items
  • A tenacious, elastic, gummy material acquired from milky sap of several plants of exotic south usa (esp. the euphorbiaceous tree Siphonia elastica or Hevea caoutchouc), Asia, and Africa. Becoming impermeable to liquids and fumes, and never readly impacted by exposure to atmosphere, acids, and alkalies, it's utilized, specially when vulcanized, for all functions in the arts as well as in manufactures. Also known as India rubber (since it was brought from Asia, and had been formerly utilized chiefly for erasing pen markings) and gum flexible. See Vulcanization.

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So far the chemical nature of the liquid globules of the latex is unknown, and the exact character of the change into solid caoutchouc remains to be determined.

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