What does cantonment mean?

cantonment meaning in General Dictionary

A town or village or part of a town or town assigned to a body of soldiers for quarters short-term protection or place of rest for an army quarters

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  • temporary lifestyle quarters specially built by the military for troops
  • A town or town, or section of a town or village, assigned to a human body of soldiers for quarters; short-term housing or spot of sleep for a military; quarters.

cantonment meaning in Urban Dictionary

a city in Florida.a bad butt group.the 'CAN'

cantonment meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1756, "military quarters," from French cantonnement, from cantonner "to divide into cantons" (14c.), from canton (see canton). Indicating "activity of quartering soldiers" is from 1757.

Sentence Examples with the word cantonment

The principal town is Mazar-i-Sharif, which in modern times has supplanted the ancient city of Balkh; and Taklitapul, near Mazar, is the chief Afghan cantonment north of the Hindu Kush.

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