What does canto mean?

canto meaning in General Dictionary

among the main divisions of a lengthy poem a book

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  • the greatest part (usually the melody) in an item of choral music
  • a significant unit of an extended poem
  • among the primary divisions of a lengthy poem; a novel.
  • The highest singing part; air or melody in choral songs; anciently the tenor, today the soprano.

canto meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1580s, from Italian canto "tune," from Latin cantus "track" (see chant (v.)). As "a section of a lengthy poem," found in Italian by Dante, in English first by Spenser.

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Sentence Examples with the word canto

A little to the west is the Auld Brig o' Balgownie, a picturesque single arch spanning the deep black stream, said to have been built by King Robert I., and celebrated by Byron in the tenth canto of Don Juan.

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