What does canter mean?

canter meaning in General Dictionary

One who cants or whines a beggar

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  • resulting in as a horse to go at a canter to ride a horse at a canter
  • to maneuver in a canter
  • a modest and simple gallop adapted to pleasure riding
  • get at a canter, of horses
  • trip at a canter
  • ride at a cantering pace
  • a smooth three-beat gait; between a trot and a gallop
  • A moderate and simple gallop adapted to pleasure cycling.
  • an instant or simple passing more than.
  • to maneuver in a canter.
  • resulting in, as a horse, going at a canter; to drive (a horse) at a canter.
  • one that cants or whines; a beggar.
  • a person who tends to make hypocritical pretensions to goodness; a person who uses canting language.

canter meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1706, from a contraction of Canterbury gallop (1630s), "easy pace where pilgrims ride to Canterbury" (q.v.). Related: Cantered; cantering.

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  • 1755, from canter (v.).

canter meaning in Sports Dictionary

A three-time pace that makes up the one-step. The hooves touch the floor into the next succession: kept hind knee; kept diagonal and right foreleg followed closely by a time of suspension. You will find three canter paces: medium, gathered and extended. (sport: Dressage)

Sentence Examples with the word canter

One of her riders urged his horse into a canter and approached, while she halted her horse, disguised among the men.

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