What does cantankerous mean?

cantankerous meaning in General Dictionary

Perverse controversial ugly harmful

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  • stubbornly obstructive and reluctant to cooperate
  • having a challenging and contrary personality
  • Perverse; contentious; unsightly; destructive.

cantankerous meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1772, reported to be "a Wiltshire term," probably from a modification (impacted by raucous) of center English contakour "troublemaker" (c.1300), from Anglo-French contec "discord, strife," from Old French contechier (Old North French contekier), from con- "with" + teche, related to atachier "hold quickly" (see connect). With -ous. Associated: Cantankerously; cantankerousness.

Sentence Examples with the word cantankerous

Feeding and harnessing the cantankerous mules wasn't exactly the highlight of her day.

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