What does cantaloupe mean?

cantaloupe meaning in General Dictionary

A muskmelon of a number of varieties having when mature a yellowish epidermis and flesh of a reddish orange color

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  • multiple muskmelon vine having fresh fruit with a tan rind and orange skin
  • the fruit of a cantaloup vine; tiny to medium sized melon with yellow flesh
  • A muskmelon of a few varieties, having whenever adult, a yellow skin, and skin of a reddish orange color.

cantaloupe meaning in Etymology Dictionary

in addition cantaloup, 1739, from French, from Italian, from Cantalupo, name of a former Papal summer time estate near Rome, in which the melons very first were cultivated in European countries after their introduction (supposedly from Armenia). The spot title appears to be "singing wolf" and might reference a spot where wolves gathered, but this could be folk etymology.

cantaloupe meaning in Cooking Dictionary

A muskmelon with a embossed crisscross gray green skin and light orange skin with a large seed cavity and numerous seeds. It offers a sweet unique flavor.