What does canonize mean?

canonize meaning in General Dictionary

To declare a deceased individual a saint to set up the catalogue of saints as Thomas a Becket ended up being canonized

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  • treat as a sacred person
  • declare (a dead person) become a saint
  • To declare (a dead individual) a saint; to put in the catalogue of saints; since, Thomas a Becket ended up being canonized.
  • To glorify; to exalt into greatest honor.
  • To speed since influenced; to include in the canon.

canonize meaning in Etymology Dictionary

belated 14c., "to put inside canon or calendar of saints," from Old French cannonisier and straight from Medieval Latin canonizare, from belated Latin canon "church guideline" (see canon (n.1)). Associated: Canonized; cannonizing.

Sentence Examples with the word canonize

The patriarch receives confirmation from Rome, and the political representation of the Maronites at Constantinople is in the hands of the vicar apostolic. Rome has incorporated most of the Maronite saints in her calendar, while refusing (despite their apologists) to canonize either of the reputed eponymous founders of Maronism.

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