What does canoe mean?

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To manage a canoe or voyage in a canoe

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  • A boat utilized by rude nations formed of trunk area of a tree excavated by cutting of burning up into an appropriate form It is propelled by a paddle or paddles or sometimes by sail and has now no rudder
  • little and light boat; pointed at both stops; propelled with a paddle
  • vacation by canoe
  • A boat employed by rude countries, created of trunk of a tree, excavated, by cutting of burning up, into a suitable shape. Its propelled by a paddle or paddles, or often by sail, and it has no rudder.
  • A boat made from bark or skins, used by savages.
  • A light satisfaction boat, specifically designed for usage by one just who goes alone upon long trips, including portage. It it propelled by a paddle, or by a small sail attached with a temporary mast.
  • to control a canoe, or voyage in a canoe.

canoe meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1550s, originally in a-west Indian context, from Spanish canoa, a term utilized by Columbus, from Arawakan (Haiti) canaoua. Extended to rough-made or dugout boats typically. Early variants in English included cano, canow, canoa, etc., before spelling decided down c.1600.

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  • 1842, from canoe (n.). Associated: Canoed; canoing.

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While these early traders used the canoe and the York boat,' yet the steam-boat played an important part in the early history of the region from 1868 till 1885, when access from the United States was gained by steamers down the Red River.

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