What does canned hunting mean?

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An unscrupulous training carried out by some south African safari outfits.The owner of this outfit will arrange hunting bundles with a disreputable travel representative, and present a "hunting safari" to unsuspecting international tourists. Whenever tourists arrive he awes all of them with campfire tales and gets them intoxicated on mampoer. The very next day the hunt begins. The guides lead the tourists on a convoluted bundu bash all over tiny 100 hectare online game farm so they think it is plenty bigger than it really is, while pretending to track a lion. At the same time, the master goes off to a casino game auction and purchases a fleabitten, malnourished captive-bred lion. Regarding the last day of the quest, they eventually "find" the lion (that has been released from the owner's truck around 30 minutes before). The tourists after that take their particular lion, get a lot of photographs taken, pay bucket-loads of cash and fly residence feeling actually macho.