What does canis mean?

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A genus of carnivorous animals of this household Canidaelig including the puppies and wolves

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  • type genus of the Canidae: domestic and wild dogs; wolves; jackals
  • A genus of carnivorous animals, regarding the family Canidae, like the puppies and wolves.

canis - German to English

direwolf / serious wolf [Canis Dirus] [extinct]

Sentence Examples with the word canis

This constellation has been known by many other names - Arcas, Arctophylax, Arcturus minor, Bubuleus, Bubulus, Canis latrans, Clamator, Icarus, Lycaon, Philometus, Plaustri custos, Plorans, Thegnis, Vociferator; the Arabs termed it Aramech or Archamech; Hesychius named it Orion; Jules Schiller, St Sylvester; Schickard, Nimrod; and Weigelius, the Three Swedish Crowns.

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