What does canine mean?

canine meaning in General Dictionary

A canine tooth

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  • Of or pertaining to the household Canidaelig or puppies and wolves obtaining the nature or characteristics of your pet dog like that or those of a dog
  • of or relating to a pointed conical tooth
  • of or regarding or characteristic of family Canidae
  • one of several four pointed conical teeth (two in each jaw) positioned between the incisors and premolars
  • any of different fissiped animals with nonretractile claws and typically lengthy muzzles
  • Of or regarding your family Canidae, or puppies and wolves; obtaining the nature or qualities of your dog; that way or those of a dog.
  • Of or with respect to the pointed tooth on each part the incisors.
  • A canine enamel.

canine meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"pointed enamel," late 14c., from Latin caninus "regarding the puppy," genitive of canis "dog" (way to obtain Italian cane, French chien), from PIE root *kwon- "dog" (cognates: Greek kyon, Old English hund, Old tall German quest, Old Irish cu, Welsh ci, Sanskrit svan-, Avestan spa, Russian sobaka (evidently from an Iranian supply, including Median spaka), Armenian shun, Lithuanian šuo). The noun definition "dog" is very first taped 1869.

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  • c.1600, of teeth, from canine (n.) or Latin caninus. Meaning "pertaining to your dog or puppies" is from 1620s.

Sentence Examples with the word canine

In the upper jaw there is a compressed, sharp-pointed, tusk-like incisor near the hind edge of the premaxilla, followed in the male at least by a moderate-sized, pointed, curved canine in the anterior part of the maxilla.

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