What does candytuft mean?

candytuft meaning in General Dictionary

a yearly plant of genus Iberis cultivated in gardens title was initially fond of the Iberis umbellata first found in island of Candia The Italian title for Crete It is cultivated as an ornamental plant having tufted redviolet purple or pink plants

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  • any of numerous flowering flowers of genus Iberis cultivated with their showy clusters of white to red or purple blossoms; indigenous to Mediterranean area
  • An annual plant for the genus Iberis, cultivated in landscapes. Title had been originally fond of the I. umbellata, first, found when you look at the area of Candia.

Sentence Examples with the word candytuft

Amongst shrubby plants suitable for edgings are the evergreen candytuft (Iberis sempervirens), Euonymus radicans variegata, ivy, and Euonymus microphyllus - a charming little evergreen with small serrated leaves.

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