What does candor mean?

candor meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"openness of brain, impartiality, frankness," c.1600, from Latin candor "purity, openness," initially "whiteness," from candere "to shine, to-be white" (identify candle). Borrowed early in the day in English (c.1500) using the Latin literal feeling "extreme whiteness."

candor meaning in General Dictionary

ability to make judgments free of discrimination or dishonesty

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  • the standard of becoming honest and easy in attitude and speech
  • Whiteness; brightness; (as put on ethical problems) usullied purity; purity.
  • A disposition to treat topics with fairness; freedom from prejudice or disguise; frankness; sincerity.

Sentence Examples with the word candor

Gone was Julie's candor expressed on her first visit.

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