What does candied mean?

candied meaning in General Dictionary

maintained in or with sugar incrusted with a candylike material as candied fresh fruits

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  • encrusted with sugar or syrup
  • (used specially of fruits) maintained by finish with or allowing to soak up sugar
  • Preserved in or with sugar; incrusted with a candylike compound; as, candied fruits.
  • Converted wholly or partially into sugar or candy; as candied sirup.
  • Conted or more or less with sugar; as, candidied raisins
  • Figuratively; Honeyed; nice; flattering.
  • Covered or incrusted with this which resembles sugar or candy.
  • of Candy

candied meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1600, past participle adjective from candy (v.).

candied meaning in Cooking Dictionary

Cooked in sugar or syrup until transparent and well-coated.

Sentence Examples with the word candied

They are also salted and eaten with rice, prepared in the form of pickles or candied and preserved in sugar.

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