What does candidate mean?

candidate meaning in General Dictionary

a person who offers himself or perhaps is put forward by other individuals as a suitable individual or an aspirant or contestant for an office privilege or honor as a candidate for workplace of governor a candidate for holy instructions a candidate for scholastic honors

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  • someone who is known as for something (for an office or prize or honor etc.)
  • a politician who is working for community workplace
  • one that offers himself, or is put forward by other individuals, as a suitable individual or an aspirant or contestant for an office, privilege, or honor; because, an applicant when it comes to office of governor; a candidate for holy orders; a candidate for scholastic awards.

candidate meaning in Law Dictionary

person who provides himself, or is presented by other individuals, to be chosen to an office. Based on the Latin Candidas, (white,) because in Rome it had been the custom for people who desired workplace to clothe on their own in white garments. One that seeks or aspires to some workplace or privilege, or who provides himself for the same. A guy is a candidate for an office as he is looking for these types of workplace. It is really not essential he must have already been selected when it comes to workplace. Leonard v. Com., 112 Pa. 024, 4 Atl. 224. See State v. Hirsch, 125 Ind. 207, 24 N. E. 1002, 9 L. R. A. 170.

candidate meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1600s, from Latin candidatus "one aspiring to workplace," initially "white-robed," past participle of candidare "to create white or bright," from candidus (see candid). Office-seekers in ancient Rome wore white togas.

candidate meaning in Business Dictionary

prospective filler of work position. In contracting, the participants to an invitation to quote are known as prospects, plus the leading party is named the specialist.

Sentence Examples with the word candidate

Hewitt, the Tammany candidate, and received a smaller vote than Henry George, the candidate of the United Labor party.

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