What does candelabrum mean?

candelabrum meaning in General Dictionary

A lamp stand of every sort

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  • branched candlestick; ornamental; features several lights
  • A lamp stand of every sort.
  • a very ornamented stand of marble or any other ponderous product, often having three feet, -- frequently a votive offering to a temple.
  • a big candlestick, having a number of limbs.

candelabrum meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1811, from Latin candelabrum, which intended "candlestick," from candela (see candle). Old English had candeltreow "candle-tree" in exact same good sense. The phrase was borrowed earlier on (late 14c.) from Old French as chaundelabre using Latin sense. Candelabra could be the Latin plural.

Sentence Examples with the word candelabrum

The first specimen of the apparatus found at Perugia resembles a candelabrum on a base, tapering towards the top, with a blunt end, on which the small disk (found near the rod), which has a hole near the edge and is slightly hollow in the middle, could be balanced.

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